Have you discovered the Aqueduct of Segovia? Hurry, just in case.

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Segovia is one of the many cities near Madrid which are worth visiting. Perhaps it is a city that you should visit in winter instead of summer because Segovia is famous for its cochinillo (suckling pig), a dish that tastes better when the weather is cold outside. However, walking around this city in spring or in summer -despite the overwhelming heat- is also a pleasure and a breath of fresh air in comparison with the 100 degrees you experience walking on the asphalt in Madrid.

Segovia is also famous for being close to La Granja de San Ildefonso, a town which is just over 6 miles away from the city and known for its gardens, the Royal Palace and its judiones (white beans). Write this down: On August 25, the day of San Luis, they celebrate La Judiada, a gastronomic festival based on white beans which makes us think that cochinillo perhaps isn’t so heavy in summer.

To get to the point, if there is one monument that visitors come from afar to see in Segovia that would be the aqueduct, the city’s main symbol which dates back to the Second century AD, one of the clearest and most emblematic remains of the city’s Roman heritage.

In recent weeks, the aqueduct has been in the news due to a strange petition on As you can see if you click the link, this petition signed by Jesús Arroyo, a communication expert who has carried out a test for the War of the Worlds in the Twenty-first century with social media making the most of the high level of sensitivity which currently exists with heritage and the idealisation of historical monuments, says:

“We are asking the Spanish Government to, without haste nor delay, demolish the biggest symbol of oppression in Spain, the Aqueduct of Segovia, thus preventing that further homages and celebrations to the Roman oppressors continue taking place there.”

The experiment has been a success. Some users have signed the petition playing along with the game but others have signed utterly convinced of the need to demolish this monument. For a few weeks now, this strange petition has done the rounds in social media and WhatsApp so it’s worth hurrying up to visit this monument in Segovia up close and in person. Just in case.

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