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Madrid’s best ice creams

By | 28 June, 2017 | 0 comments

Despite the fact that bar terraces and cocktail bars are more popular than ever before, who can say no to an ice cream? Healthy, tasty and so refreshing that they will make you forget about the awful heat for a few minutes. You will not be able to resist trying all of the flavours available in the best ice cream parlours in Madrid. Would you like to discover them all?

La Romana
If you want to feel like Audrey Hepburn on holiday in Rome, we recommend that you check out La Romana, an ice cream parlour which makes authentic Italian ice creams that will transport you to the Italian capital with every mouthful you have. They have two places open: on Calle San Bernardo, 96, and on Paseo de la Habana, 27, where you can enter the universe of pistachio, cioccolato bianco and almond and pumpkin seed toppings. They offer all kinds of healthy ingredients and leave the creativity of the ice cream to you. By the way, they also have vegan ice creams made without eggs or milk and we can guarantee that they are just as delicious as the rest!

Tutti Frutti
In the middle of Cuesta de San Vicente at number 22, is a traditional ice cream parlour which seems to have been here since forever. We are talking about Tutti Frutti, which has been surprising all of its guests with its 100% homemade ice creams of all flavours since 1949. Make sure that you try the violet flavour ice cream, the most traditional one that you can have!

Sani Sapori
Lavapiés is undoubtedly in fashion and there is no way that it couldn’t have one of the coolest ice cream parlours in the whole city. We are talking about Sani Sapori, located on Calle Lavapiés, 31, and whose fame transcends the limits of the district itself. The delicious ice creams made here are elaborated only with fresh milk and seasonal fruit, which is perhaps why their flavour is so addictive. They also refrain from using any kind of chemical or stabiliser because their aim is to offer a delicious and healthy product. Best of all, they also have gluten-free ice creams and flavours suitable for vegetarians and vegans so that everybody can enjoy a delicious iced treat.

To conclude our list, an ice cream parlour which is madness… or not, because doesn’t ice cream have a certain recreational component to it that makes it fun for everyone? Well, this is what you can enjoy at Rocambolesc as well as a delicious ice cream. Located on the top floor of Calle Serrano, 52, this temple of extravagant ice cream seems designed by Willy Wonka himself. Unique flavours decorated with cotton candy and topped with pop rocks are what you can find in this place created in the magical mind of Jordi Roca. Don’t miss it!


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