Shake before use. The most refreshing cocktail bars in Madrid

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Cocktails have always been considered as the most sophisticated alcoholic drink. James Bond made sure of this with his Dry Martini (shaken, not stirred) and Tom Cruise dedicated a full film to it in the late 80s. Even though they were ostracised for a few years, in recent times they have come back with a bang. At the end of the day, a simple mixed drink cannot compete with the magic of a cocktail made by a flair bartender. In Madrid, since the times of the famous bartender Perico Chicote and his regular client Ava Gardner, there is a big cocktail tradition. For this reason, we have decided to check out a few of the best bars where you can enjoy a proper cocktail.

Bar Cock. There could be no other place at the top of this list. Founded in 1921 by the aforementioned Perico Chicote, together with the businessman Emilio Saracho, Bar Cock soon become one of the most popular and attractive bars in the Spanish capital, attracting clients such as Ernest Hemingway, John Wayne and Ava Gardner among others. Another of its stars is Nicolás, although this one is not a celebrity but rather a cocktail, a house speciality whose recipe still remains a secret.

Del Diego. On the same street as Bar Cock is another essential cocktail bar. Although with less tradition than Bar Cock, Del Diego (founded in 1992) offers a spectacular cocktail menu with more than 90 different options for you to choose from.

Glass Bar. Hotel Urban, next to the Spanish Parliament, serves first-class cocktails in its bar, Glass Bar, a space with an avant-garde yet cosy design. Óscar Durán is the one in charge of the bar, conveying his personality and character to the drinks he serves. A cocktail bar is nothing without its main cocktail bartender.

José Alfredo. Near Plaza de Callao and open until late is the legendary bar José Alfredo, with its velvet armchairs and endless mirrors. The menu offers original cocktails which include daring combinations such as sake with gin and elderflower.

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