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7 songs dedicated to Madrid

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Madrid has always been a source of inspiration. From movies, novels, trips, and many times, the door to discover the rest of Spain. But if there’s something that really inspires Madrid in its essence, in its multiculturality and in that drive to chase a black cat amongst the crowd, is the music.

Many artists were born here or were raised here or have come here to try their luck. Joaquín Sabina is one of them. He was born in Úbeda, and following his studies of Philosophy in Granada, and after some years of exile in London because of the Francoist dictatorship, he was able to return to Spain. He landed almost directly in Mandrágora, where, between smoke, next to his colleagues, Javier Krahe and Alberto Pérez, he sang many of the songs that will stay forever in his fans’ hearts.building-1875052_1280

Inspired in the most famous song of the city, we have decided to make a list of the best songs that talk about this city:

  1. La Puerta de Alcalá, by Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel. It is impossible to see this door without humming this song, which is one of the most famous pop songs of the 80s. You can also listen to A la sombra del león, by Ana Belén, which is also a beautiful portrayal of the city.
  2. Madrid, by Pereza, covers practically all the places, and you have surely been in some of them. And he insists in making an ode to the city with Lady Madrid.
  3. Km 0, by Ismael Serrano. This songwriter, who is an unconditional fan of Sabina, cannot stop writing songs to this city. Madrid in its every essence appears in all of his lyrics, one way or the other (Vuelvo a Madrid, Recuerdo, Ya llegó la Primavera, Jóvenes y Hermosos, …)
  4. En las calles de Madrid, by Rosana. This Canary Islander, famous for the talisman, has spent most of her life in Madrid. When she was 20, she took her guitar with her and wrote lyrics for renowned singers in the 90s such as Azúcar Moreno.
  5. Calles de Madrid, by Quique González. This Madrilenian songwriter also recalls Sabina and goes over the paths of the city, a city he lives in his own way and that has been the witness of his “Aunque tú no lo sepas”, written by Urquijo brothers.
  6. En la Puerta del Sol, by Mecano. Marvellous song that we inevitably sing every New Year’s Eve, while we are hurriedly peeling off the grapes in order not to choke.  
  7. Pongamos que hablo de Madrid, by Sabina. Of course. We leave the best for last, you can listen to the first version at La Mandrágora where he presented the composer of the tune, “Antonio Sánchez, que es este chico”, who was no other than the great Antonio Flores, although there are theories that claim he wasn’t. We will always wonder if it is true, if nobody confirms it or denies it.

Sabina, just like Ismael Serrano, usually picks Madrid as a source of inspiration. It is almost the only setting for all his songs, the ones based on his imagination and the ones based on real life, which are more than we imagine. Yo Me Bajo en Atocha o Caballo de Cartón, forever humming the blue subway station are just an example.

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