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5 great joints for vegans, vegetarians and healthy food lovers

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If anything has become really trendy lately it’s people’s awareness of the need to lead a healthy lifestyle. All of a sudden, consumers have opened their eyes and are eager to know what they are eating, where it comes from, how it was processed and a whole string of other information they had no idea about until quite recently.

We witnessed the palm oil hype not long ago, which turns out not to be good for us or for the rain forest, but that is just one of many examples. All in all, the fact that people are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle, which means doing more exercise and eating a better, fuller diet, and that the animal welfare sector is gaining ground is no doubt partly why so many people are going vegan.

SUPERCHULO-restaurante-Malasanna-750x466So, for those who do it out of conviction and principles and for those who simply like this kind of diet, here is a list of food-conscious eateries:

  1. Superchulo: You will find it on Calle Manuela Malasaña. The name means “super cool” – and it really is! Their variety of dishes not only taste great but look amazing. Perfect for food porn Instagrammers.
  2. Al Natural: Right behind the Parliament building. It has actually been open since the 90’s, so its menu conveys all those years of experience.
  3. Vega: With very few tables, this cute little bistro lies in the Malasaña district, not far from Plaza Luna, serving an original selection of all-organic food and drinks. It is owned by the same family as La Encomienda, another highly recommendable restaurant that serves vegan tapas which we could also add to the list.
  4. Pizzi&Dixie: In San Vicente Ferrer: Who said vegans can’t have a lovely pizza or a tasty dish of pasta? Here, everything is possible! And all their ingredients are made of vegetables.
  5. Viva Burgers: We’ve already mentioned vegan pizzas, so why not burgers too? Here in the district of La Latina, you will find the perfect place to bite into a delicious burger with chips.

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