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5 ideal restaurants for business dinners

By | 7 December, 2018 | 0 comments

If you haven’t decided where to go for your next business dinner, you are already late. Business dinner or amongst family and friends. Those dinners that are held once a year, where everybody makes an effort to fit in the date via doodle (how did we make it before?) and it is the ideal occasion to get together, catch up, make New Year resolutions, reminisce about old adventures and include in our resolutions “We should do this more often”, a little bit like Rúa Vieja, the ad that was a smashing hit this year, beating la Lotería, and maybe even IKEA and probably Campofrío’s ad.

As it is the case every year, the news bombard us with legendary tips of advice for our business dinner or lunch and the typical images of the office kiss-up who is already sitting next to the

 This is dedicated to the stragglers, we will give you some ideas for places you can attend which are also worth visiting at any time of the year:

  1. La Gabinoteca, subway Gregorio Marañón. A fun, memorable restaurant that serves innovative, experimental food. This spacious restaurant was a pioneer in innovative dishes.
  2. Tatel, gastronomically similar to La Gabinoteca and also very near. Very spacious, stylish place and with a Stela of traditional cuisine, with touches of the avant-garde.
  3. La Mucca.  You can find one in almost every neighbourhood of Madrid, so it is very easy to find one near you. The Christmas menus are very complete, and the service is outstanding.
  4. Perra chica, from Larrumba group, situated in the subway station Iglesia, in Eloy Gonzalo. The ideal option, mostly for having dinner, since tables can be taken away and it can be turned into a dancefloor.
  5. La Máquina de Jorge Juan, in the alleyway Jorge Juan, in subway station Retiro or Serrano. It is a safe bet and the salad, the dish that always has to be included, yes, even if it’s Christmas.

These are just some ideas… but there are lots of restaurants! Madrid is packed with excellent places where you can have a good time with good company while trying fantastic dishes.

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