El verano es tiempo de tapa

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In all honestly, all year long is time for tapas, because good tapas are not seasonal. However, it’s common knowledge that they taste much better in summer. Here are a few suggestions on this miniature cuisine, some less sophisticated and other more refined ones. Of the former, you can find plenty of them in the two restaurants of La Petisqueira (Calle Churruca, 6; and Calle Mejía Lequerica, 17, both Metro Tribunal). You order a beer or a glass of wine and, at no extra charge, you can get served a generous tapa of scrambled eggs with ham, mini burgers, Russian salad… It’s an excellent option to kick off your night in Malasaña before a few beers on the bar terraces of, for example, Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

You can also find well-priced and unsophisticated tapas at Hontanares, in its restaurant on Calle Sevilla, 6, close to Puerta del Sol. Known as “the tapas bar”, they are small dishes rather than tapas and they have 15 different ones and offers of 3 for 12 euros.

Following the criteria of “traditional tapas”, make sure you visit Casa Labra, an emblematic spot located behind Puerta del Sol. This restaurant is 150 years old and was the place where the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) was founded. Its deep-fried cod, for just over 1 euro, is a Madrid classic which you can enjoy in this traditional tavern served by its waiters dressed in white.

If you like eating snails, drop by Casa Amadeo on Plaza de Cascorro, 18, to get your strength back after a long visit to El Rastro market. However, if Spanish omelette is your weakness, one of the best in Madrid is the one that they make in the charming, traditional and elegant Bodega de la Ardosa. While you’re in the heart of Malasaña, you can go from omelette to croquettes and try the famous ones from Casa Julio, paying special attention to those with Gorgonzola and the traditional ones of stewed meat and ham. Enjoy!

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