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comida tailandesaAsian cuisine is enjoying a sweet time in the Spanish capital, not limiting itself to sushi or classic Chinese food, but also leaving space for other different cuisines such as Thai cuisine.

Krachai restaurant, in the central Calle Fernando VI, is one of the best Thai restaurants in the city, with a pleasant decoration that includes soft floral ornaments. The waiters and chefs are all Thai, which intensifies the feeling that you are actually in Thailand. On its menu we would like to highlight the red curry beef with masaman coconut milk or the chicken strips and vegetables with green curry and coconut milk. Menus cost between 20 and 30 euros per person.

Also of good reputation and even mentioned by Thai people living in Madrid is Thai Orchid, on Calle Colmenares, 5, close to Chueca. Famous for its Thai pad and a dessert menu with notable Asian exoticism, it is also exotic for the fact that its waitresses dress in traditional Thai attire.

Cheaper for a daily eat but still highly recommendable is Maiia Thai, on Calle Princesa, 13, which offers abundant servings at reasonable prices, with a menu of the day that does not surpass the 15-euro mark. Even cheaper is the menu at Phuket Thai, on Calle Atocha, 115, which offers the essence of Thailand unpretentiously.

A bit more sophisticated is Smile Thai, on Calle Alcalá 84, which boasts about being the first “after-work Thai” in Madrid, a fashionable formula in Bangkok and that you will have to discover at the restaurant itself. They also offer a tasting menu for 25 euros (drinks not included) that includes up to 12 dishes. Enjoy.

The wide range of cuisines is one of Madrid’s greatest attractions for its visitors. Staying in 3-star hotel in the centre of Madrid, you will be a stone’s throw from the main restaurants in the city as well as tapas areas like La Latina.

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