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After the whirlwind of Tapapiés, the miniature cooking festival hosted every year by the Lavapiés district, we once again focus on tapas, in specialised bars that carry out culinary works of art in miniature. One of them is Gastrocroquetería de Chema, on Calle del Barco 7, where you can enjoy wonders such as the liquid cheese croquette with tomato preserve and move on to other delights such as the prawn ceviche with seawater jelly. Fusion cuisine with an exquisite vocation that, nevertheless, is still good value for money (40 euros per person for dinner). Its lunchtime menu for 13.95 euros is also an interesting option, including, of course, two select and original croquettes among other dishes.

Gourmet Madrid Tours is an interesting option is you don’t want to think too much, although it can be slightly expensive. They organise conventional and avant-garde tapas routes and visits to wine cellars among many other things. The Wine and Tapas route costs 70 euros per person and it stops in four or five historical and charming bars, each with their own small dishes and tapas, in which they also tell you about the place.

Going back to a specialised bar, Morao Tapas, on Calle Velázquez 40, is another attractive proposals for a meal made up of small dishes or tapas for less than 20 euros, despite the place’s select atmosphere and area. It’s reminiscent of Lateral, whose restaurant in Plaza Santa Ana has its own particular charm, offering dishes such as sirloin steak with Irish cheese cooked in Guinness or the chipotle chicken chunks with guacamole and lime.

Metro Bistró (in Plaza Mayor and Temple of Debod) was recently opened by Matías Smith under the tapas bar concept, offering a tasting menu of 7 dishes for 38 euros per person (VAT included), made with traditional products of the highest quality and served in stunning presentations.

Tapas de lujo

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