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fescinal madridOne of the biggest pleasures of summer in Madrid is to notice how temperatures go down at night and you can enjoy doing things outdoors. An alternative to drinking on bar terraces is enjoying the different options of open-air cinemas that Madrid offers during this season.

At La Casa Encendida, very close from the excellent location of our accesible hotel in Madrid, you can enjoy the film cycle Marcianadas as a complement to the spatial-theme exhibition Arstronomy. On the terrace, you can enjoy sci-fi films every Saturday evening such as Daft Punk’s Electroma or Crumbs by Miguel Llansó. Tickets cost 3 euros, which can be bought on the website (click on the film title). On the terrace there is a bar service and they offer interesting combos of popcorn + drink.

Fescinal is a more family-friendly option, the open-air cinema at Parque de la Bombilla, Madrid’s strongest open-air cinema offer. Located just a few minutes from Parque del Oeste, Fescinal is an initiative dedicated to film that also offers talks, interviews with film directors or a tribute to American drive-in cinemas. The films that they screen are generally of the commercial genre and for all audiences, such as Paddington, Exodus or the Pixar hit Inside Out, which will be screened on the 15th and 16th of August. Buy your ticket for 6 euros here before they all sell out.

Make sure you also don’t miss the films screened at Centro Conde Duque, in the summer cinema called The Urban Beach Cinema, located in Patio Sur and decorated like an urban beach, with sand and sun beds. It offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere that is reinforced thanks to the food trucks, a festival that will be ongoing until the 12th of September, with tickets costing just 6 euros and with films such as Drive, Love Actually, Minions or Battleship Potemkin. There will also be live piano music on Thursday 13th of August. Check the full programme here.

And if you still want more open-air cinema, check out the programme at CentroCentro, in the Palacio de Telecomunicaciones, next to Plaza Cibeles or the Filmoteca.

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