Hotel Puerta de Toledo

Health and hygiene protocols

Hotel Puerta de Toledo

Protocols in our facilities

  • All facilities are disinfected daily.
  • Approved hand sanitiser dispensers are available in many areas of the establishment.
  • Room keys will be disinfected before handing them over.
  • Online check-in.
  • Insofar as possible, payments should be done by credit card.
  • Vent filters are cleaned regularly.
  • Use of high-level bactericidal and virucidal disinfectant.
  • Regular reinforced ventilation throughout the facilities.
Hotel Puerta de Toledo

Protocols of our employees

  • All staff are aware of the health and safety protocols.
  • Our staff will wear a mask at all times.
  • The staff will have their temperature taken daily.
  • Monitoring of all employees’ health.
  • Reception staff disinfect the counter on a regular basis.
  • The cleaning staff can only enter the room when the guest is not present.
Hotel Puerta de Toledo

Catering protocols

  • Orders will be served following all safety measures.
  • Disposable napkins and single-dose complements.
  • Menus have been replaced by QR codes.

Up to 15% discount on the standard rate.

Complimentary mineral water on the day of arrival

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Late check-out until 2 pm.

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